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In a Distant Dream...

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Name: Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
Nicknames: "T-Lo"(From Chad ♥)
Location: Harmony
Family: Mother(Pilar), Brothers(Luis, Miguel, Antonio*RIP*), Sister(Paloma), Son(Ethan Martin), Father(Martin *Missing*)
Words to Describe Me: Hopeless Romantic, dreamer, drastic, dramatic, caring...etc
Love Life: Well I used to be involved with Nicholas Foxworth Crane(aka: Fox ♥) but things didn't work out between us because I felt like I had to be honest with him due to my betraying him. I am and have always been in love with Ethan Winthrop. As a child, I knew Ethan and I were meant to be together. We were together for awhile and were SO close to getting married but it didn't happen. He found out I kept a secret from him and dumped me. We got back together but he broke it off with me again when he found out I was pregnant(from a drunken night with his father). Gwen and Ethan are curretnly together but I still believe we are meant to be together. So hopefully it will all work out for me!
Best Friends: *Whitney Russell and Fox Crane*

*Anything else you need to know...just leave me a comment in my journal & ask!*

This is not Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald's livejournal. This journal is part of a Passions role playing game. This journal is fake. This journal is in no way, shape, or form meant to harm the actor or actress who plays this character on Passions. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. See the community pssnsrpg for more information about the Passions role playing game