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[01 Jan 2005|03:36pm]
Happy New Year!!

New Years Eve was pretty fun. Watched the ball drop in NY with Ethan & the boys =)

Fox called to wish us a happy new year and says that he will be visiting Harmony soon because he misses us all. I tried calling Whitney the other day but she didn't answered. I'm getting worried, I haven't seen much of her lately. But Ethan said he might take me & the kids all on a trip. That would be so wonderful <3
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[21 Dec 2004|11:13am]
Wow, I promised myself that I would update more often, but I keep forgetting. Little Ethan and Austin are becoming such a handful lately, but I love it. Not much has been going on. Ethan and I are starting to plan the wedding. Not much has been set but we've been talking about different styles and locations.

I haven't made much time for Whit lately(I'm sorry!!) and I haven't seen much of anyone lately. Fox still calls everyday to chat and talk to Little Ethan =) He apparently really likes it in Boston and that he feels so free out there. He says that he will send for us one day to come visit him, his treat. Haha I'm going to keep him to that. I haven't much of Chad lately, but I guess he's off doing his thing on his own.

Anyway christmas is coming up! I'm excited like always. I've got all of my christmas shopping done, so I'm proud of myself. I've even wrapped most of them already, with thanks to Little Ethan's help. I really want to make this christmas a nice one for both Austin & Little Ethan. With lots of presents! Anyway gtg, I promised Little Ethan that we were going to make a batch of cookies! ttyls <3
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[06 Dec 2004|10:26am]
Oops sorry I haven't been posting again. Austin is getting to be quite a handful.  He's so active now and then there's Little Ethan running around who's just runs around so much.  So i've got my hands full.  As I'm sure you all have heard by now-I told Ethan: Yes. I haven't told Miguel yet because I cannot reach him but hopefully it'll be soon.  Anyway-I guess this is the path fate wanted me to take so...i'm taking it.
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[30 Nov 2004|05:15pm]


I said yes..

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[26 Nov 2004|07:48pm]

Hey everyone!  Sorry that I haven't posted in SO long!  But so much has been going on since I last posted.  Paloma & Little Ethan got into a crash and Little E needed blooded and they tested Julian so that he could give Little Ethan blood but turns out...Julian isn't Little Ethan's father!!  I always felt deep down that Julian could of NEVER been his father.  So now Ethan's has 3 kids.  Crazy, huh?  But Ethan is fine now and Paloma is alright too.  She only got away with a few cuts & bruises.  I was going crazy throughout the whole thing, I couldn't stand the thought of losing Little Ethan or even Austin. 

Um, Fox is back in Philly.  He's been calling every night to check up on all of us ever since Little Ethan & Paloma got into the wreck.  It's nice that he cares so much.  I think he's going to stay in Philly though...I guess he's happy that way.

Thanksgiving was yesterday-Hope everyone had a good day!-Ethan, Little Ethan, Mama, myself, Austin, Gwen & her daughter had dinner together yesterday.  It was a nice moment =)  Anyway I gtg get ready to head over to the Blue Note, Whit's gonna be singing! ttyl

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[12 Nov 2004|02:09pm]
[ mood | content ]

mama's gonna be singing at the blue note tonight!! Hopefully I can make it(if i'm not too busy with Austin) and maybe i'll see you all there! Fox is still here but I think he's going back to Philly REAL soon. But i'm not too sure...

But Ethan's asked me to move in the house with him but i'm not sure what it would mean if I were to move in.

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[09 Nov 2004|03:52pm]
Sorry that I haven't updated lately. I've been pretty busy with the baby(who've we named AUSTIN. we agreed on it finally) and i've been hanging out with Fox and some times with Whit. But besides that, I've just been busy with the baby. Anyway gtg, I'll update again sometimes soon <3
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[03 Nov 2004|03:30pm]
So Ethan's been a little haste with naming our son.  I just want to make sure that we want that name and that we like it, you know? I mean, i want him to have a name asap but I just want to make sure that it's a good name and that we both agreed on it. Anyway-I went out and voted yesterday. Did you?? Heh. So I got another call from Fox last night just before I was gonna turn in for the night.  He got the job in Philly!  He'll be back in a couple of days to get his stuff.  He's going to stay there a bit to see if he wants to reside there or work here in Harmony and have the work send to him. I hope he doesn't move, though I know that's it's a opportunity for him =) Anyway-I think I'm going to take the baby to a photography studio and have some pics done.  I want to send them to tia maria and everyone else! I haven't seen paloma or kay around lately since i've been back but I've really wanted to hangout with them. Oops gotta go, baby's crying!
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[02 Nov 2004|10:26am]
[ mood | hungry ]

So Fox hasn't been around the couple of days  but he called me yesterday and turns out that he had to go to Philly for a job opportunity.  But it was kind of a last minute thing so that's why he didn't get to tell anyone.  But I guess the place is something like Crane Industries but not that powerful, I guess.  But I'm glad Fox might get a new job at a new place where he is repsected and needed.

Anyway-we got the twins tested a couple of days ago.  Turns out what I thought was true.  One of them is mine and one is Gwen's.  Gwen's the mother of the girl and I'm the mother of the boy.  We're both still debating names but Ethan wants to name the boy, Justin, whereas I want to name him either Austin or Brandon.  And also, Ethan wants to name the girl, Isabella.  I mean, Ethan has an imput because he's the father of the babies, but I don't really want to name the baby, Justin.  However, Isabella is a cute name for the baby girl.  Gwen and I have been quite busy with the babies but it's so wonderful to have them apart of our lives.  I love them both so much.  And I'm glad me and Gwen are friends.

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[26 Oct 2004|10:33am]

So I'm back in Harmony now.  The babies, Gwen, and I are all back in Harmony.  Ethan is going to be in Harmony for a couple of days longer, I guess.  As I mentioned before, the twins are faternal.  We haven't named them yet because we're unsure of who the mother is.  But I think that one is mine and one is Gwen.  I think we're supposed to do DNA testing on the babies sometime this week, but I'm not entirely sure.  Whit came by to see my last night and got to see them.  They're so adorable! But Fox picked me up for the airport the other night and told me he had chosen Whitney but he's not going to be with her or me.  He's afraid he's going to hurt one of us by being with the other.  I told him to be with Whitney because it probably wouldn't have worked out between us anyway.  He loves Whitney and he'll probably always will.  I love Ethan and probably will always love him too.  But I believe Whitney and him would be good together.  Plus, Fox is a wonderful man.
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[24 Oct 2004|02:29pm]
Ps-btw the twins were fraternal twins :)
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[23 Oct 2004|10:08am]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm heading back to Harmony!  See you all late tomorrow night!

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[18 Oct 2004|08:02pm]
Hey everyone, it's been awhile!  I'm sure you ALL know, i went missing for a few days.  I got lost in New York while tyring to find a place to get some food and you all know the story. I somehow, ended up on the other side of the city and ran out of money after I had gotten myself the food.  Yeah, i'm such a loser. My cell's battery died out and I just didn't even have enough money for a cab or phone call.  I spent all my money on food, which was only about $8 at the time.   I ended up going into labor and a nice woman helped me find a way to the nearest hospital.  Next thing I know?  The twins were born and somehow Gwen found where I was.  Me & Gwen are currently working out the issues about who the babies belong too, but I'm sure everything will be okay :-)  I'm currently staying with Ethan(who is STILL here in NY).  I've gotten in touch with mama & Fox.  but i've yet to get a hold of Whitney or Kay. But I'm sure they got the news.  Anyway-gtg.  I'll be back in Harmony in a couple of days!
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[29 Sep 2004|05:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Just landed in NY a couple of hours ago. It's so beautiful here!! The flight was really boring but for some reason, I didn't get a wink of sleep. But Gwen, Whitney, and Fox are all unpacking but I'm about to take a nap. It's hard being pregnant. and then traveling on a plane for a long period of time, doesn't do so well with me. haha. Anyway, i'll update later because I'm really tired and i'm dying to take that nap!

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[27 Sep 2004|08:30pm]
Going to NY with my best buddies. Yay. I'm so excited! I can't wait until we leave tomorrow afternoon!! I really should go pack, because I haven't even started. It's horrible. I'm going to be a such a mess tomorrow. lol. But anyway, I should get going and pack. And get a good night's sleep. so ttyl when we get back(excluding the NY group, of course. haha) <3
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A little goes a long way [25 Sep 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | everything ]

So I just ordered 4 tickets to New York.  Me, Gwen, Whitney, and possibly Fox.  I really need a break from Harmony. And I'm just going to drag along my friends :-)   I'm not even sure Fox is going but I brought one for him just in case.  I guess he found out the truth finally thanks to Whitney and Paloma's comments. haha.  But Gwen-Whitney-Fox:  The tickets will be shipped to your houses by tomorrow morning and we leave on tuesday afternoon!  If you can't go or change your mind, let me know so I can find someone else that can go!  But I hope you can!!! 

ps-Supposedly my papa is back home.  After "disappearing" for years and years.  He's been in Mexico as that "Mr.Wheeler" person and he's been with Katerine Crane the whole time! I cannot believe it!! I will NEVER forgive him for all he's put us through! I hate him.

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Try to resist [25 Sep 2004|02:50pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I miss Kay.  I haven't seen her around for awhile.  And I miss Miguel.  And I miss Charity. I miss a lot of people...

Life blows. 

 I'm thinking about taking a little trip before the twins are born.  Maybe i'll head up to New York for a couple of days or something.  Who knows.  Anyone wanna come or have any ideas of places to go???

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drama drama drama [22 Sep 2004|03:14pm]
[ mood | -tear- ]

Wow, so I made my decision the other day but now-I don't know anymore.  Fox's plane will be landing in about an hour and he called me on the plane to tell me and I already talked to him about this(even though I said I was going to wait).  But orignally-I was going to chose <
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-finally- [21 Sep 2004|09:04am]
[ mood | energetic ]

I think i've realized who I want to be with...

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fox or ethan? [19 Sep 2004|12:37am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hmm what to do and who to chose....


fate-lead the wayCollapse )

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